The success of our team is primarily based on the many years of multi-faceted experiences of our members of staff in the field of developing and managing lucrative investments for private owners.

We operate as consulting and managing enterprise for real estate companies as well as on behalf of owners of an individual asset. For that purpose, we render planning-, construction supervising-, project management and controlling services.

Since 2003, the "Albrecht" RE GmbH succeeds in business. The company emerged from a classic property asset management company.

Today’s team manages a pool of 20 historic buildings in the districts of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Those projects have been developed, reconstructed and customised according to the requirements of quality-conscious tenants and purchasers. Furthermore, together with property developers several intra-urban projects have been developed, planned, marketed as well as successfully executed.

Our advantage is our profound knowledge of the real estate market in Berlin. We specialise in developing and increasing the profitability of real estate by implementing value-adding building measures and sustainable controlling. Thereby, the market value of the property is secured.

Our excellence is the ability to elaborate solutions, which correspond to the economic objectives of the owners and also satisfy the sophisticated needs of the occupants. We keep the balance with regard to implementing the building project as well as to accompanying the contractual relationship.

We will jointly develop your vision for your property. In the course of its operational life span, real estate has to be adjustable to the general utilization trends at its location.