Services for Principals and Proprietors

We will accompany the whole life cycle of the property by applying our profound know-how: from appraising the potential of an intended purchase to developing a scheme of measures for a steady growth and a value-preserving management, up to a possible resale. Planning and monitoring building measures play a decisive role in this, likewise a professional controlling, which is also available as an individual managerial service.

Real Estate Management

•Upon Purchasing Property
• Upon Optimising of Existing Property

• Status of the Property
• Tenant Structure
• Structure of Earnings

Individual Approaches to Solutions
• Structural Engineering Requirement
• Commercial Requirements
• Establishing Priorities
• Time Management

Accompanying the Property Management
• e.g. Vacancy Strategy
• Liaison to the Tax Consultant Office


Transparency of Operating Results- and Finance
• For a Profit-oriented Management
• Liquidity Planning
• Investment Planning
• Monthly Reports
• Supervision of Credit Resources

Process- and Strategy Transparency
• Optimising Cost-effectiveness
• Scheduling
• Coordination Meetings
• Moderation upon Meetings
• Keeping the Minutes

Project Management

Project Planning
• Generating Overall Concepts
• Developing Property Developer Projects
• Provision of Finance

Physical Planning of Buildings (HOAI)
• Preliminary Design
• Final Design
• Approval Planning
• Implementation Planning
• Preparation of and Assisting in the Award Process
• Site Surveillance
• Ongoing Servicing and Documentation of the Property

Project Control
• Organisation of Planning- and Implementation Processes
• Safeguarding of Project Objectives
• Change Management
• Coordination of Parties Involved
• Contract Management
• Quality-, Scheduling- and Cost Planning

We provide the owner with the transparent necessary elements of evidence for taking his decisions, planning dependability as regards to the building measures and a reliable profit-oriented management of his property